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Please Note: Membership to the Candy Skunk Corps is currently CLOSED at this time. We cannot accept new skunk characters. Please check back with us when we have reopened membership.

Welcome to the Candy Skunk Corps community!

We are a costuming group of colorful skunk characters, each based off a candy theme. With names like Sweettart, Godiva, Butterfinger, and Wintergreen, you can imagine we're a sweet bunch, indeed!

We welcome costumers of all walks of life to join us in our project as we create, build, and perform our creative skunk characters. If you have an idea for a character, please visit our website and submit your idea via the e-mail link to join the Corps!

The purpose of this community is to keep our members informed of each other's progress, trade tips, and support each other as we bring our candy skunks to life!

Group Rules:

1. When seeking membership, please have a concrete concept of your candy skunk, based on a known candy (it doesn't have to be from the U.S.) and a name for your creation. If your candy is a little less known, a reference would be appreciated.

2. Candy skunks need to resemble their candy in coloration and name. You can also use the colors of the logo/packaging in your skunk as well. Example: a skunk named Snickers would need to resemble his namesake, being brown and caramel, with perhaps blue and white as fur colors.

3. To join the group, you must send an e-mail with your idea to our moderator, animecat, through the link on the website listed above. Please review the list of claimed skunks on the website BEFORE e-mailing to make sure your idea has not already been taken. First person to submit their idea via e-mail gets it.

4. This is a fursuit community. If you submit an idea for a candy skunk, we would like you to follow through with it. If you want to submit an idea for others' use, that is fine as well, but you cannot claim a concept if you do not plan to make or have your skunk character fursuit made for you.

5. No multiple character submissions will be permitted, except by express permission of our moderator. Those that are approved for more than one character have proven they are capable of completing their projects.

6. The website and skunk list is updated the first Friday of the month. Please do not harass the moderator and other members by asking where your skunk is on the list.

Have fun and we can't wait to see your creations!

And remember: Candy is a treat. Please consume in moderation! (Taken from a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup!)